Hey, here's a simple video I found about learning disabilities.


Hey guys I found a video about learning disabilities that puts it in simple, easy-to-understand words. Here's the link.



0  7:20- 7:55
1  8:00 - 8:35

2  8:40 - 8:45  Attendance
    8:45 - 8:55  Take students to the gym
    8:55 - 9:25  Assembly

    9:25 - 9:35  Students return to 2nd period class

2  9:35 - 10:10  Class

3  10:15 - 10:25  Special Video Announcements
    10:25 - 11:00  Class
    11:05 - 11:50  Lunch and CSI Event

4/5  11:55 - 12:45
6     12:50 - 1:40
7       1:45 - 2:35


Hey everyone.  A friend showed me this site last night and it's perfect for showcasing the different levels of Bloom that we talked about when we wrote objectives.  Really creative!  Tell me what you think and how it made that theory even clearer for you!


Attention all of you who are participating in a competition at the state level. Just want to check up on all of you, and want to see how everything is coming.  How are things coming along for the state competition? How much more practice or how much more do you have to put together before we go to state?


Coming up in March we have planned a Coldstone Fundraiser.  So when do you think we should hold it and which one should we hold it at?  Why do you think we should hold it at that location?  And finally what time frame do you guys think would be best to hold the fundraiser at?  Over the next week think of some ways that we could advertise this fundraiser.  In the next week or so you can expect to see a new post about the ideas that you have come up with.  Till then, keep thinking.


Hey everyone.  I want to remind you guys about the ralley.  If you would like to make a sign, then you may.  If you want to make one with a group of people, then meet in the ASPIRE room on Manday, March 2, and Tuesday, March 3.






Hey all you FEA members!!! Welcome to our new and improved website and blog. This site is for us to keep in contact and keep ourselves up to date with what we have coming up.  This site/blog is also for anyone else who would like to know who we are, keep up to par with what we are doing etc.  So visit frequently to keep on top of the different things that we have going on!